The JigMaker - Universal Drill Press Table (Patent Pending)

Drill presses come in a variety of sizes and the standard tables provided are generally woefully inadequate. The variety of sizes also means that the options for a drill press table are also generally limited.

The JigMaker Universal Drill Press Table is designed to suit nearly all drill presses.


Its 420mm by 310mm dimensions generously extends your work space.
The fence can be adjusted, by virtue of the tracks and easy to turn knobs, to suit most drilling needs.
The sacrificial piece (the piece at the centre where the drill bit penetrates) can easily slide out for replacement.
The anti-slip material applied to the underside increases stability and traction thereby reducing the need for unnecessary fixings.
A track is embedded on the underside of this jig. This allows a single bolt to slide in this track to locate the centre hole in the drill press platform no matter the distance from the upright column of your drill press. This track also enables you to easily adjust the position of this jig to suit your needs.
The single bolt is fixed with a plate spacer and through knob making installation a breeze.
The combination of the anti-slip material and the track system on the underside is what makes this jig universal.

(Not suitable for use in wet conditions.)

Package Details

Package Dimensions: 430mm x 320mm x 80mm Weight: 3.3kg Product Dimensions: 420mm x 310mm x 100mm
Included: Universal Drill Press Table Available in standard colours or plain unpainted