The JigMaker - Circular Saw Sled (Patent Pending)

Get more use from your circular saw with this jig. The runners are adjustable to fit most circular saw bases. Great for consistent and accurate crosscuts and mitres. Portable and easy to store.


Safer and easier way to use a circular saw.
Consistent crosscuts and mitres.
Portable and easily stored away.
Adapts to a range of circular saw bases.
Extends the versatility of a circular saw.
Available as a kitset - only difference is that components are not painted.


A track system to easily slide parts on the right side of the Sled board.
An angle fence with a protractor mounted on top with multiple positioning options allows different angle mitres to be cut with reasonable precision.
Tee nut fasteners are used for the 9 positions of the angle fence so as to make it easier to fix the angle fence in the desired location from the top of the board.
A channel cut beneath the runners to ensure the blade does not score the board.
The height of the Sled runners can be easily adjusted by inserting penny washers or other spacers.
Knobs to easily fasten the right side blocks and a threaded knob to fasten the angle fence.
Ver 2.1 - Sacrificial piece added to centre channel to make it easier to identify blade line and support material. Can be removed and replaced when needed.

(Not suitable for use in wet conditions.)

Version 2.0

Package Details

Package Dimensions: 820mm x 610mm x 105mm Weight: 8kg Product Dimensions: 800mm x 600mm x 100mm
Included: Circular Saw Sled

Current Version 2.1

Version Changes

  • Version 1.0 - Original
  • Version 2.0
    • Track system added
    • New set of fasteners and knobs to replace wingnuts and bolts
    • Angle now able to be fixed from top
    • Adjustable runners
    • Extra support beneath the board
    • New look
  • Version 2.1
    • Added sacrificial piece in centre channel
    • Added anti-slip material to mitre angle for better grip